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Started the month as usual, heavy workload at work, and lots to do around the house with the weather finally getting above freezing (damn that was too late in the  year). No graphical or website work to be had...and that was just fine with me. I had given up on doing anymore work. I was going to end my hosting account and disappear into the night. But instead I get a proposition, to which I immediately said, "No thank you." But they did not go away, "Really, I don't want to do anymore work".

"But I like what you have done, and I know you can do what I want for a good price."

"Yeah, but I am out of practice and don't think I want to get back into the game, per say"

"Come on, just see if you can come up with an idea for me at least".

"Okay, I will get you a sketch of some logo ideas...but that is it".

And what happens...I am now ending the month with a logo under my belt, two websites that are in the works, and some commissioned photo touch ups on my plate. What a weird month.

Anyway, I guess that Twofrom8 Design is not dead after all. What is in the future? Not sure. I will be taking it one day at a time...

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Things are slowly getting back to normal around here after a really messed up beginning to the year.

I am just starting to get back into working on pages currently and hope to actually get some time to work on some new manipulations soon.

I have been going through my files on my computer and found some older work (both web and graphic) that I am starting to put up here on DA. Some are good, some not so much. I just felt they were getting lost just sitting in a folder on my computer. So expect random crap being posted here and there.

With some of this stuff is some web page templates that I have created. Some were for clients originally that backed out or decided against doing a web page. I have held onto most of them for a year while waiting to hear back. Now I am releasing them for viewing, and possible sales. I am currently going back through the coding and finishing them up 100% before I actually post for sales. They have a wide range of topics and themes. So expect to see more of these as well.

Hope all is going well in Deviant land. I don't get too much time to check out DA, but hope to have some time soon to be a regular again.

Twofrom8 Design
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Although not completely returned to form yet, I am back from a long hiatus. My professional life has made it impossible for me to even think about web designs for awhile now. But, hopefully, that nightmare is over now.

I have just re-released a newer version to the Prime Mover page and will be continuing to update all the Quicksilver Night pages prior to taking on any new work. Chip at QNP has been completely understanding and patient during the past few months and I want to repay him by creating some amazing stuff for him before I look at other options. He deserves the best for all he has done for me.

Anyway, expect some new stuff soon and hopefully back in full force real soon.

On hiatus for awhile from anything creative or web page work due to the day job taking all my energy and focus. Hopefully back from the dead late spring or summer after all the dust has settled.
Been almost a year since I put anything on here. Not much for words I guess. My whole focus has changed over the last 9 months. I no longer do much in the line of photomanipulation. This will still stay a hobby for me. Now I am fully into doing web pages. You can check out my pages in the gallery. I still specialize in band pages that incorporate their current social network pages into one graphical layout. I love this type of work and have more lined up to begin soon. I am also hosting and webmastering a few of these pages. I love photomanipulation and think it is an unsung type of art, I just am not that into it anymore. I have done a few CD covers from some of my work, and have found out how little I like doing that. I love coding, designing, and creating a functional piece of what I still consider art.

If you see my work and like what you see, I can help you get a page set up. Rates are low and the work is guaranteed. I do all the graphics and coding myself without the use of any coding programs.

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Not going to see much new on here for awhile. I am going to be too busy working on web pages for the next month or so. Not to mention it is that time of year where kids are back in school. There is much to do the make sure they are back on their routines and school and family things going on all the time. Feel free to contact me, if you need to. I will be checking in from time to time.

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I just started adding my layout designs that I have done for bands over the last year or so. I have never submitted them here on DA before. Not really sure why, but I guess I really did not consider them "art". But, I guess they would be considered art of some sort. I put the same amount of effort (usually more) that I put into creating a piece for myself. So why would the not be.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy checking them out. I know designers "steal" from each other. It is a fact of life. I do it from time to time (and give credit in my code if/when I do use an idea I got from another site). Just remember to make some big changes if you use any of my designs for your own use.

Note: I not only do the graphic design, I also do all coding for any page I work on.
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...sometime in the next few months.

Actually I have been coding for a few web pages, doing myspace layouts, and some graphics work. And it is taking all of my time lately. I do have some ideas bouncing around in my head right now and I am dying to get them done. I miss being able to be creative with some of the messed up images that float through the void of my skull. Which is getting larger with each passing day that I spend glued to my monitor and keyboard working on css, html, and php coding. It is a rough cycle: code, review, try, fix, code, get a drink and some asprin to dull the pain in my head, code, review again, more caffiene, get the idea.  

Unfortunately any art I want to do is going to have to wait until I get the time to get through the jobs I am on right now. I hope to have some new pieces out in the next month (hope is the key word here). We shall see.

Anyway, I will post any new stuff as soon as I get it ready for viewing.
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Just a quick note about what is going on.

I haven't put anything up in awhile due to a few reasons. One being that I have been hard at work on doing web design work for my myspace page and a few others. No time for "art" at the moment. The second is that I have had some major issues with my cpu and I am currently working on getting a new one set up. Crap happens...story of my life, unfortunately.

Good news is that I have some ideas rolling around in the void I call a head, and will start working on some new stuff soon. Some of which may see the light of day.

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Hi my name is Randy, and Twofrom8 is my online name that started from doing mixtape style CDs for my friends that included 2 songs from 8 bands (too long of a story to get into). Anyway, along with the CDs I did artwork in the theme of each CD and put them out as "professional" as I could for them being done on a home computer. This is what go me into digital art. And I continued doing this for friends for a few years. Locating underground bands that are worth checking out; grouping them into CDs by style, location, or otherwise; and putting out CDRs for friends. But that all came to an end last year.

I am not going to bore anyone with any more details. I am just getting back into digital art after taking some time off and am now putting them out for others to see. The account here is new and only is featuring my new work (unless I redo some of the older stuff to make it better).

I will also be uploading textures, brushes (PSP only as of now), and other stuff that may be useful for others to use in the future. Please check back in every once and awhile as I start to get things rolling.

I also do myspace layouts and some web design, so I may upload some pics of those from time to time.

You can check me out at or at (when I get it back up and running), if you so desire. Those sites are dedicated to both music and digital artwork. Featuring my work done (including layouts), and the bands I support (200+ bands, 650+ songs on the media player, and 100+ videos on my video player).